Professional Dog Walking Service in Surrey & London

Wonderful dog walks in Surrey beauty spots with a dependable, experienced dog walker.

Mad About The Dog

An Experienced, Devoted Dog Walker

I'm Vicky, I run a professional dog walking service which I established in 2007. I walk a small group of lovely dogs in stunning nature conservation areas which have hundreds of acres of different terrains, woods, ponds and streams for the dogs to explore. I frequently vary and change the locations as like anybody else, dogs enjoy variety.

What's In It For My Dog?

Apart from the beautiful walks we go on, dogs in my group receive the very best in focused, individual care and attention; I am absolutely committed to keeping them safe, happy and stimulated whilst under my close supervision.   

My walks revolve around what dogs like to do: which is to walk in a pack with some freedom off lead and to be able to stop and sniff  'the news and gossip' of the location as we stroll through it. I encourage fun and games, to keep spirits high and tails wagging.

The service I currently offer is:
One hour afternoon dog walk: from £13

Other individually tailored services are available according to you and your dog's needs. Please call or email me to discuss.

Please see my services page for details and prices.

The Dogs Come First

I believe long term experience like mine and a clear commitment to ethical care and safety standards to be absolutely essential when choosing the right person to be the carer of your beloved dog.

I have a small client base whose dogs I have been walking together for years. I walk up to 4 client dogs together with my own dog, so that's a total of 5 dogs maximum. 

In my small groups, your dog will have the personal care and attention that they deserve, whilst also enjoying the glorious Surrey countryside throughout the seasons. 

For me it has and will always be about the dogs. 

Current Availability

I have a current vacancy for a dog requiring a regular one hour afternoon walk on weekdays. Ideally suited to a small sized dog such as a jack russell, schnauzer, dachshund or terrier mix breed, preferably a few years old.  Sorry, no puppies or dogs under 6 months 

Let's meet up - call or email me to set up an appointment.